Friday, 13 July 2012


Vintage Black Lace Vest/Cream Lace Blouse/Denim Shorts/Leather Lion Belt -  All Annie and the Mannequins
Gold Arrow Necklace - Topshop
Chelsea boots - Office

Mix your lace to add some depth to an outfit. We layered this gorgeous black lace vest over a cream lace panel blouse to create an easy chic day outfit. Teamed with high waisted denim shorts and gold jewellery this simple black lace vest is showcased to show its hidden beauty as an everyday top.
Mix your Lace and see what outfits you can acheive.


Shannon Jones said...

You look so perfect!

AVY said...

Looks really cute.


Bambi said...

You girls are so pretty!!!

Let's follow each other on bloglovin?

Check my blog:

Hope you like it!

xoxo Bambi

Lurchhoundloves said...

You are stunning - love the vintage shorts and belt!

Now following :) Would be great to follow each other: xx

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