Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Everbody is Ugly Feature!

We are so happy to hear that Annie and the Mannequins has been featured in the latest Everybody is Ugly Article! We love this!! This is a great article on how to wear Midi Skirts for all who aren't fully converted into midi lovers! The Midi is this seasons must have...We say embrace the Midi!:) love The Annies xox

Sneaky Peaky : Annie and the Mannequins Spring Summer Photoshoot

So we had our first photo shoot a few weeks back and thought we would give you all a sneaky peak at the pictures. We had such a fabulous day with our gorgeous photographer Jemma Rylah. After almost killing her TWICE (which involved us all screeching, me reversing my car through killer ditches and almost jamming her pretty little face in the car window...I didn't know her head was hanging out the window HONEST) we were delighted when she still wanted to continue with the photoshoot and wow look at the outcome :) What a talented little lady... It turned out to be everything we wanted and more. What do you think? Check out her work HERE.

So this S/S at Annie and the Mannequins it's all about ice cream shades, crisp whites, swishing pleats, the cutest lace trimmings, gorgeous florals, luxurious vintage fabrics and glorious draping. Uber femine and pleasantly chic.

Brighten up for spring and get set to give your wardrobe a vintage overhaul at Annie and the Mannequins.

All items featured in our photoshoot availble to shop HERE soon

The Annies xoxo

Monday, 18 April 2011

In the Pink

So we came across this gorgeous cream, round neck, sleeveless vintage blouse the other day and fell in love straight away. We fell in love with the gorgeous crisp fabric, clean lines and it's minimalism. 
When we took it home I had a lightbulb moment as I realised it was the perfect blouse to showcase the gorgeous petal pink, Rose Bud lining I've had draped over our gorgeous antique mannequin for the last week or two. So we dusted off the sewing machine... it's been a while since I turned the dials and threaded the needle of a 'sew box' as I like to call them.

Once I was done, we loved it so much that we went crawling round our neighbourhood at 1am in the morning. We got a few stares from a few crazy dog walkers ..... I mean who walks their dogs at this time? But then again who walks about the streets in an outfit suitable for sunshine at 1am? ;)

The Annies xoxo

Rose bud neckline top: Petal pink midi skirt: Spotted portfolio bag
All Annie and the Mannequins
(click link above to buy)

Annies from the Colour Block


Good Monday afternoon to you all. Hope you all had a lovely weekend. We finally had a gorgeously sunny day yesterday that managed to last right up till dinner time. Out popped the BBQ and garden parasol and we had our first BBQ of the year...we did make dinner time alot earlier than usual through fear of a disapearing sun... but all the same dinner time was great. We thought it was a perfect day for trying out some bright and wonderful colour blocking.
We picked out a few of our wonderful spring summer peices, and love the combination of colours. We paid no attention to this trends rule book and we soon found colours that shouldn't go together so so did. But does Colour Blocking have a rule book? We no longer think so :)

The Annies xoxo

Friday, 15 April 2011

Navy Polka Dot Blouse


We, The Annies, went on a vinatge sourcing adventure during the week and to our lovely delight we uncovered some wonderful new vintage hideouts! It is always amazing when we  uncover places we never new existed.
We were totally gushing with excitement at the treasures we came across, including this coco chic polka dot floaty blouse and amazing Crisp white tappered trousers which will be going up for sale soon.
This weekend we have a huge adventure planned..lets hope the sun is out so we can leave our jackets at home and pop on the sunnies.
 The Annies xoxo

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Spring Time : Twin Time


Finally some gorgeous rays of sunshine... which has inspired us to look out our cream midi skirt and tapered trousers for a spring time photo. This s/s has been captured by playful polka dots and crisp whites and creams, which we love love at Annie and the Mannequins . For you we have put together two outfits ideal for picnics in the park...vino and strawberrys? ..Don't mind if we do :)

 The Annies xoxo 

Friday, 8 April 2011

Outfit of the Week : The Tapered Trouser

This Spring Summer 2011 brings to the fashion world The Tapered Tailored Trouser. The Tailored slouchy style has already got our attention and were desperado to swan about in the sun wearing ours..with as little layers as possible. We've teamed our tappered trouser with a floaty sleeveless blouse with gorgeous daisy  edging round the neck. Sweet huh?!

Mint Tapered Trouser: Navy Daisy Vest: Floral Charm Necklace: Tan Leather Satchel
(To buy Click title above)

The Annies xoxo


Thursday, 7 April 2011

Our Good Friend.. The Black Bralet


A lot of our pretty vintage peoples at Annie and the Mannequins have asked where we got our black bralet from which we feature regularly in our listings. So we thought we would dance our little vintage fingers along the keyboard and dedicate a post to our good friend The Black Bralet. Where did we get it from you ask?? Well we purchased it a long while ago from H&M but that was a whiles ago. However we set about our way to find one just like it.. believe us when we say..this was no easy job.. our outcome...only one bralet worthy enough to share with you all. ASOS came out on top with their spotted mesh padded cup corset top....  Our advise?? snap it up before its gone :)

(just click the picture above and your one step closer to owning a multi-functional top that you wont regret buying)

Love The Annies xoxo

Midi Length Crisis Averted

Add stripes for a relaxed Vintage Day Look

Add a jersey basic and edgey jacket for a more modern cool look

If your feeling brave go cropped on top

Keep heels sky-high to glam up your look

One of this seasons must haves has got to be the midi skirt..wether it comes in swishing pleats, floral pattern or in a coveted sheer material.. every girl is after their perfect midi friend this spring summer.. We at Annie and the Mannequins couldn't wait to get our hands on some vintage midi's... after all it was the vintage ages that brought the midi phenomenon to the highstreets in the first place...Buhut has anyone else thought to themselves...hang on a minute what the heckles do I wear with such a lovely staple?! Panic stations!! Dont fret though... after experimenting with a few outfits we came up with four ways to wear. We hope to inspire your Midi wearing Desires. Knock yourselves out.

 The Annies xoxo

Annie and the Mannequins making Vintage Wearable <3

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