Thursday, 30 June 2011

Polka dot love

This is one of our favourite shoots of the week.

Gorgeous highwaisted polka dot shorts with a floaty, crisp white blouse and stricking Green blazer. The ultimate COCO CHIC day look.

We have had a lot going on at Annie and the Mannequins, we have seen the launch of our brand new the one stop destination for all that is Annie and the Mannequins. We have also been featured on Chictopia and ASOS's Fashion finder Homepages with record views so we are very Happy Vintage Vixens.

We cant wait for this weekend to shoot some more Key AATM's looks

Lots of Love The Annies


P.s we have some exciting news for you all next week...<3

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Fields of Vintage

Hi fellow bloggers. Its so nice to be back, sorry we havent been blogging for a while. We have been heaps busy working on a new project that we are heaps excited to show you guys. We have also been busy doing our very first pop up shop. We got amazing feedback from our customers was so lovely seeing our customers face to face for a change, and are hoping to do another pop up shop soon. We will keep you updated.

Since were back on the blogging scene we thought we would share with you our favourite shoot of the week. We made the most of our gorgeous scenery behind our house and managed to capture some amazing pictures. What do you all think? These gorgeous pastel colours and chunky lace up boots give this vintage preppy skirt and shirt combo an 'on trend' overhaul.

Hope you all have a lovely week and we promise we will be blogging more this week :)

Love The Annies xoxo
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