Sunday, 28 August 2011

Annie and the Mannequins for ASOS: We've Launched

Good morning bloggers! We love night time more than morning so decided to stay up to finish of our 'to do list'. We thought we would make the most of our night time sleep deprivation by doing a well over due announcement post regarding our launch on ASOS Marketplace :)

We are super excited to tell you all that Annie and the Mannequins is now on ASOS bringing you a collection of super wearable vintage clothing items and accessories at buy it now prices. Lots of you have been asking for buy it now prices on eBay so now you all have 'the best of both worlds'. :)

So whether you like the thrill of bidding or are just to excited to wait; Annie and the Mannequins now have 'buy it now' as well as auction style items. Visit our eBay store and enjoy the bid or visit our ASOS store to buy buy buy now.....either way your Annie and the Mannequins purchase will leave you loving vintage that little bit more than you did before. Welcome to our vintage wonderland beautifuls :)

Love The Annies xoxo

2 Days to go!! : ASOS Fashion Finder Competition

 We are having such a busy productive afternoon and it has just dawned on us that the ASOS Fashion Finder Competition  (mentioned in one of our previous posts) ends in 2 days...YES 2 DAYS!! Super excited and nervous all at the same time...This post goes out to all Annie and the Mannequins followers... we ask that you cross all your fingers and toesies for us :) 

If you haven't seen our entry already click HERE... if you want to 'love' our entry (which is kind of 'voting' and we will be forever thankful) then sign up to ASOS Fashion Finder and create your own account... not just to vote but to check out all that ASOS Fashion Finder has to'll be super glad you did.

Love The Annies xoxo
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