Thursday, 7 April 2011

Our Good Friend.. The Black Bralet


A lot of our pretty vintage peoples at Annie and the Mannequins have asked where we got our black bralet from which we feature regularly in our listings. So we thought we would dance our little vintage fingers along the keyboard and dedicate a post to our good friend The Black Bralet. Where did we get it from you ask?? Well we purchased it a long while ago from H&M but that was a whiles ago. However we set about our way to find one just like it.. believe us when we say..this was no easy job.. our outcome...only one bralet worthy enough to share with you all. ASOS came out on top with their spotted mesh padded cup corset top....  Our advise?? snap it up before its gone :)

(just click the picture above and your one step closer to owning a multi-functional top that you wont regret buying)

Love The Annies xoxo

Midi Length Crisis Averted

Add stripes for a relaxed Vintage Day Look

Add a jersey basic and edgey jacket for a more modern cool look

If your feeling brave go cropped on top

Keep heels sky-high to glam up your look

One of this seasons must haves has got to be the midi skirt..wether it comes in swishing pleats, floral pattern or in a coveted sheer material.. every girl is after their perfect midi friend this spring summer.. We at Annie and the Mannequins couldn't wait to get our hands on some vintage midi's... after all it was the vintage ages that brought the midi phenomenon to the highstreets in the first place...Buhut has anyone else thought to themselves...hang on a minute what the heckles do I wear with such a lovely staple?! Panic stations!! Dont fret though... after experimenting with a few outfits we came up with four ways to wear. We hope to inspire your Midi wearing Desires. Knock yourselves out.

 The Annies xoxo

Annie and the Mannequins making Vintage Wearable <3

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