Thursday, 11 August 2011

Rich Autumn Hues

For once we were hoping for a bad day, weather wise to capture another A/W look but you guessed it, the sun was out with its hat on. We were toasty in our Faux fur collars and A/W coats but really enjoyed our day. Its so lovely when we have the time and an extra body to get our pictures taken together. 

So for this A/W look we have teamed some rich hues with darker A/W pieces such as the snakeskin blouse, faux fur collar and over sized fedora hat to create a vintage bohemian glam looks. The 40's silhouette of the emerald dress and sheer snakeskin blouse teamed with a floaty midi makes for two day to night outfits. 

What do you all think? We would love to hear your thoughts. 

Love The Annies xoxo 


Chloe said...

Love the use of faux fur!

~ said...

You are on my favorite websites (:

pantera said...

I love ur style! i found you on asos and left comment on fb. Your looks are awesome :)

check my blog if you want:

Sincerely, Lola ♥ said...

If it's wrong to be obsessed with your style, ladies - then there's nothing that would be better !
Love your outfits, love your finds, and here's hoping I don't get outbidded (AGAIN) on your ebay items ;)
Thanks for bringing your doses of inspiration.

Lola xox

LisasRuby said...

These photos are so stunning!!! The colours are perfect and I love love LOVE socks with heels!!!


Emma C Wills said... can do no wrong!

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