Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Lemon and Lime

So last week we took a couple of outfit pictures to update our blog with this week. It was such a sunny day that we thought we would make the most of it - as those of you who live in Scotland know - you just never know how long the sun is going to last...I think last summer we had about 3.5 days of sun the entire year...anyway enough about Scottish weather.

This was one of our favourite outfits of the day. Inspired by the zesty colours of lemon and lime, as well as fruity prints and designs hitting the catwalks this season -  with Stella McCartney stealing the lime light (see what I done there? easily entertained) we decided to showcase our lemom and lime-esque dress. Teamed up with a thin leather belt it provided us with an effortlessly chic vintage day look.

As for outfit number two..we couldnt resist another pleated midi skirt. We have been sourcing lots of midi skirts this week so we thought it would be rude not to do another midi inspired outfit post. This particular midi is made of excellent thick material and hangs beautifully. We teamed it up with another DIY top. We found some amazing vintage lace so draped it round the neck of the sheer blouse. Its drapes perfectly over the shoulders and adds a chic finish. We think its uber cute and popped it up for sale today <3

Love The Annies xoxo

Annie and the Mannequins making Vintage wearable <3


Emma C Wills said...

I adore your girls blog, you always look so well turned out and so so pretty :)
Definitly going to check out your ebay store! Just wondering if you ever have buy it now prices or do you always just put items up for auction?

Molli said...

gorgeous girls! love alll of your stuff :)

Carol said...

Can't resist the midi skirts either - they are actually much easier to wear than I thought:)

Carol x

Anonymous said...

Dressed like that, you're beautiful. Realy !

Miss Aa said...

it's just so perfect
pretty looks :)

check out my blog if you're free

Abir said...

I love your skirt !

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