Monday, 18 April 2011

In the Pink

So we came across this gorgeous cream, round neck, sleeveless vintage blouse the other day and fell in love straight away. We fell in love with the gorgeous crisp fabric, clean lines and it's minimalism. 
When we took it home I had a lightbulb moment as I realised it was the perfect blouse to showcase the gorgeous petal pink, Rose Bud lining I've had draped over our gorgeous antique mannequin for the last week or two. So we dusted off the sewing machine... it's been a while since I turned the dials and threaded the needle of a 'sew box' as I like to call them.

Once I was done, we loved it so much that we went crawling round our neighbourhood at 1am in the morning. We got a few stares from a few crazy dog walkers ..... I mean who walks their dogs at this time? But then again who walks about the streets in an outfit suitable for sunshine at 1am? ;)

The Annies xoxo

Rose bud neckline top: Petal pink midi skirt: Spotted portfolio bag
All Annie and the Mannequins
(click link above to buy)


For all the shoes said...

Wonderful blog and style. I like it so much!


ANNIE AND THE MANNIES! My new favouritest blog in the whole wide world! You've got a pretty impressive stock of pleated skirts right now - very very jealous! May have to make a cheeky purchase soon!

Defininately onwards and upwards for you ladies :)


Carlinn said...

Amazing outfit!!! Love your blog!

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